Notes: February 13, 2009 – Isaiah 48 & 49

The Messiah-Servant

Isaiah 48

  • v 1. How many people have you met who “make mention of the God of Israel, but not in truth, nor in righteousness”?
  • v 5. Prophecy preserves God’s glory-by announcing in advance what He intends to do, God proves that He, and not the idols, has done it.
  • v 9. God is to be glorified for His mercy.
  • v 11. God will not share His glory with another.
  • v 14. God always does His pleasure. Revelation 4:10-11.
  • v 16. God does not speak in secret societies or cryptic messages.
  • v 17. Interested in profit? Let God teach you.
  • v 22. There cannot be world peace this side of eternity. Isaiah 48:22.

Isaiah 49

  • v 1-5. The Servant, called from birth, ministers to Israel with little effect.
  • v 5-12. The Servant is sent to the world. John 3:16.
  • v 13-16. God has written His people on the palm of His hand lest He forget them.
  • v 17-26. God, with a mighty hand, will deliver His people.