Notes: February 9, 2009 – Isaiah 40 & 41

If the first 39 chapters of Isaiah deal with old relationships, then the last 27 chapters deal with new ones to come.

You’ll forgive me if, in these grand passages, I see a body of saints much larger than the nation of Israel ever was or will be—I see God’s Church following God’s Messiah.

Isaiah 40

  • 1-2 Who wouldn’t be comforted to know that the war is over?
  • 3-11 Who does not see that the voice crying in the wilderness is John the Baptist and the Lord who comes to shepherd is Christ?
  • 12-26 Who is a God like this one?
  • 27-31 Who, besides God, can strengthen the downtrodden and outcast?

Isaiah 41

1-7 What has God done to console and strengthen His people?

8-16 God will avenge His people

17-20 God will supply everything needed for the trip home.

21-27 Who, but God, so knows the future?

28-29 Where is a man with freedom to preach.