Notes: February 8, 2009 – Isaiah 39 & 2 Kings 20

Casing the Joint

Isaiah 39

  • From untrained eyes, it appears that the Babylonian ambassador’s visit to Hezekiah was to recognize his illness and recovery (v 1)
  • Hezekiah willingly (and as we shall see later, foolishly) gave them the grand tour of the palace (v 2)
  • God knew that the Babylonians had just been given a good reason for the grandest home invasion of all time (v 4-7)
  • Hezekiah accepted the pronouncement of God (v 8)

2 Kings 20

  • Hezekiah enjoyed peace the rest of his reign (v 19)
  • Hezekiah was succeeded by his son Manasseh (v 21)