Notes: February 6, 2009 – Psalm 89 & 2 Kings 20

God’s chosen one

Psalm 89

I have made a covenant with my chosen (Psalm 89:3)

  • I, God
  • (by myself and of my own freewill) have made
  • a covenant, an agreement, a contractual arrangement
  • with (someone else, I have interacted with)
  • my (remember, I did it; the results are mine, my responsibility)
  • chosen (I selected, the object of my selection is ‘my chosen’. Will you argue that I am unfair to choose? )

2 Kings 20

Hezekiah, upon learning that he would die soon, prayed.

  • And before the prophet was off the property, the word of the Lord came to him (v 4)
  • God had heard Hezekiah’s prayer and seen his tears (v 5)
  • The king was to be granted an additional 15 years of life (v 6)
  • Hezekiah, faced with the choice of signs, chose what he considered to be the more difficult (v 10)
  • And it was so (v 11)