Notes: February 5, 2009 – Psalms 44 & 88

When God allows trouble

Psalm 44

  • Did your father or grandfather ever talk to you about God? (v 1)
  • Anything I’ve ever accomplished has been because God provides. (v 3)
  • Not my strength or sword, but God saves me. (v 6-7)
  • It may be bad business, but God sold His people (into slavery) for nothing. (v 12)
  • Job determined to serve God no matter what circumstances arose in his life. So also the Psalmist. (v17)
  • What does God know about you? (v 21)

Psalm 88

  • Saved, yes; but I still have troubles, too. (v 1-4)
  • Free among the dead. (v 5). Is that a good thing?
  • These troubles in my life are from God? (v6-18)