Notes: February 2, 2009 – Psalms 46 & 47

Is God your source of strength?

Psalm 46

  • Do you ever have trouble? Do you have Someone to help? (v 1)
  • If God is your strength, then why are you afraid? (v 2)
  • Many people would have us behold the wondrous and beautiful works of God; not many would have us the desolations that He has made. (v 8)
  • Who, alone, is able to make greedy, sinful men to live at peace with one another? (v 9)
  • Shhhhhhh! God is speaking. (v 10)
  • Is God with you? (v 11)

Psalm 47

  • Clapping and shouting have no place in the life of a Christian.  True/False? (v 1)
  • The Christian has many choices; and he decides what the end of his life will be.  True/False? (v 4)
  • Singing is good. Singing praises to God is good. Singing praises to God with our understanding is best. (v 7)