Notes: January 29, 2009 – Isaiah 37

A King to follow

Upon learning of the Assyrian terms, Hezekiah openly demonstrated his sorrow and went into the house of the Lord (v1). Where are leaders today who are not afraid to show their emotion and to seek God’s advice?

Hezekiah understood Rabshakeh’s insolence as an affront to God (v 4).

God agrees (v 6).

Hezekiah spread his concern before the Lord (v 14). Do you?

Nor does he deny the strength and history of violence that accompany the Assyrians (v 18-19). Yet he prays for deliverance.

Our insults against God’s people are, to Him, insults against the Holy One of Israel (v 23).

God promised that the Assyrians would not enter the city (v 33); but He said nothing about the Babylonians who would come later.

God promised to defend the city (Isaiah 37:35). And He did.

Did the Assyrian king defy the God of Hezekiah? Then must the king of Assyria die while worshiping his powerless god.