Notes: January 23, 2009 – Proverbs 27 & 28

Some of my favorites

Proverbs 27

  • Business, life and sports coaches all agree that you need goals. What does God say? Proverbs 27:1
  • Flattered that you have a “secret admirer”? What does God say? Proverbs 27:5
  • It’s all a matter of perspective. Proverbs 27:7
  • Ever felt out of place? Do you have a place in life? What does God say? Proverbs 27:8
  • Families have to stick together. What does God say? Proverbs 27:10.
  • Do you have a disaster plan? Proverbs 27:12
  • A nagging wife is like Chinese water torture. Proverbs 27:15
  • Want to be a little bit sharper? True friends are good to have around. Proverbs 27:17.
  • Some folks are never satisfied; neither is hell. Proverbs 27:20
  • Do you regularly call yourself to account for your possessions? (v 23-27)

Proverbs 28

  • Paranoia. Proverbs 28:1
  • When is it better to be poor? Proverbs 28:6
  • God answers prayer-but not always in the way that you might think. Proverbs 28:9
  • Love may cover a multitude of sin; but you shouldn’t try to cover your own. Proverbs 28:13
  • What is the “Judeo-Christian work ethic”? Proverbs 28:19
  • Christians should not participate in get-rich-quick schemes. Proverbs 28:20-21
  • Don’t let your conscience be your guide. Proverbs 28:26