Notes: January 15, 2009 – Isaiah 29 & 30

Isaiah 29

  •  Under the name of Ariel (a lion) Jerusalem, the city of David, is warned of its demise (v 1-6)
  • The nations that will come upon Israel will be noted for their lust for death and drunk-like stupor of destruction (v 7-12). Or does this describe Israel?
  • Further, those pagan lands will be hypocrites (v 13-17). Or does this describe Israel? Jesus uses this passage to describe the vain worship of Israel in His day (Matthew 15:7-9).
  • When the deaf hear and blind see (v 18-24), can this refer to any time other than the life of the Messiah?

Isaiah 30

  • Why would Israel turn to idolatrous Egypt for help? (v 1-17)
  • The captive people will be restored to God’s grace (v 18-26). Is this not fulfilled in Christ?
  • God will destroy the Assyrians (and all other forces) that oppress His people (v 27-33).