Notes: January 14, 2009 – Isaiah 27 & 28

Even more on the Destruction of Israel

Isaiah 27

  • God will destroy the serpent (v 1). Does this refer to satan?
  • God will take care of His vineyard (v 2-11). Is this only Israel, or can it refer to the greater Church of all time?
  • God will recall His people from their captivity (v 12-13)

Isaiah 28

Under the name of Ephraim, Israel is condemned

  • for drunkenness (v 7-8)
  • for unteachableness (v 9-13)
  • for scorning God (v 17-22)

But God promises an eternally firm foundation (Isaiah 28:16); and He promises to plow, plant, water and harvest His “land” (v 23-29)