Notes: December 19, 2008 – Isaiah 1 & 2

Isaiah’s writings make up the longest Old Testament prophetical book, hence classification as one of the “major” prophets.

Isaiah 1

  • Dumb animals recognize the authority and provision of their masters; but sinful men disregard God (vs 1-4)
  • Is any punishment too severe for such obstinate rebellion? (vs 5-9)
  • And all the while that they live in sin, they maintain a vain semblance of religion (vs 10-15)
  • Will men not be reasonable about their sin? (vs 16-31)

Isaiah 2

  • God will build an immense kingdom that includes Gentiles; tiny Israel is but a distant image of the same (vs 1-5)
  • Israel, for its sinful idolatry and pride will be forsaken by God (vs 6-9)
  • Will men not fear the almighty God? (vs 10-22)