Notes: December 16, 2008 – Amos 7, 8, & 9

God’s certain judgment of Israel

Amos 7

  • Amos prayed for his nation (vs 2, 5). Do you pray for your nation?
  • A plumbline indicates whether an item is upright or not. What plumbline do you use to check your soul?
  • Can you imagine a priest who does not want to hear the word of God (vs 10-13)?
  • God doesn’t require college education of all His prophets (vs 14).

Amos 8

  • Some people are fastidious about religious ritual, but immoral most of their lives (vs 5).
  • Imagine a land without food. Now imagine a famine of hearing the words of the Lord (vs 11).

Amos 9

  • David knew (Psalm 139) that man can’t hide from God. Amos delivers the same message (vs 1-4).
  • Having trouble understanding the prophecy of Amos 9:11? Try this New Testament interpretation: Acts 15:15-17.