Notes: December 10, 2008 – Jonah 1 & 2

Who hasn’t heard of Jonah and the whale? But who remembers how many days he was in the belly of the great fish? And who remembers why this is significant?

Jonah 1

  • Jonah disobeyed the clear word of the Lord (vs 1-3)
  • His sin brought everyone around him in danger of their lives (vs 4-5)
  • He knew quite well that his sin was the cause of the danger (vs 12)
  • The sailors tried futilely to save the ship themselves (vs 13)
  • Realizing that Jonah was right, the sailors asked God’s mercy before they tossed the disobedient prophet overboard (vs 14-15)
  • With Jonah gone, the waves calmed; and the sailors worshipped the Lord (vs 16)
  • Jonah, meanwhile, had been swallowed by a great fish (vs 17)

Jonah 2

  • Jonah prayed (vs 1). In such a situation, would you have prayed?
  • He realized that he was away from God; yet he determined to change (vs 4, 7, 9)
  • If there were any hope at all, it must be from the Lord (vs 9)
  • And Jonah was released from his fishy grave (vs 10)