Notes: December 9, 2008 – 2 Chronicles 25

Parallel to yesterday’s reading in 2 Kings 13 & 14

2 Chronicles 25

  • Amaziah did right; but not with a perfect heart (vs 2)
  • Amaziah executed those who killed his father; but he did not kill their children (vs 3-4)
  • Amaziah hired mercenaries from Israel to help in the war against Edom; but God ordered that they be released from duty (vs 7)
  • Amaziah was concerned about the loss of money; but he learned that God is able to give him much more (vs 9)
  • Amaziah’s mercenaries did not leave Judah quietly (vs 13)
  • Amaziah foolishly began to worship the gods of conquered Edom (vs 14-15)