Notes: December 8, 2008 – 2 Kings 13 & 14

2 Kings 13

  • God was angry with King Jehoahaz and his people for their sin (vs 2-3)
  • God was merciful to the king and his people for their repentance (vs 4-5)
  • His son Jehoash (aka. Joash) was only 16 when he took the throne. Like all the kings before him, and many teenagers through the centuries, he was evil in the sight of the Lord (vs 10-11)
  • He visited Elisha before the prophet’s death, and learned of impending war with Syria (vs 14-19)
  • An Old Testament resurrection (2 Kings 13:21)

2 Kings 14

  • When Jehoash was 18 years old, Amaziah, his 25-year old counterpart in Judah, challenged him to a war, which Jehoash won handily (vs 1-16)
  • His son, Jereboam (II), is known for liberating cities which belonged to Judah (vs 28)