Notes: November 30 – 2 Kings 2-3

Elijah leaves and Elisha leads

2 Kings 2

  • Elisha was determined not to leave Elijah’s side in the last days of the elder’s life on earth (vs 1-6)
  • Like Solomon before him, Elisha was allowed to ask one request-he wanted double of the spirit that animated Elijah (9-10)
  • He wasted no time testing whether his prayer had been answered (vs 14)
  • When a group of younger men went looking for the body of the raptured Elijah, the new leader told them that there was nothing to find (vs 15-18)
  • Water is a precious commodity in the arid middle east. What wouldn’t men give if they could sweeten the brackish waters (vs 19-22)
  • Have you ever come face to face with a wild bear? (vs 23-25)

2 Kings 3

  • Jehoshaphat apparently forgot that helping those who hate the Lord is a bad thing (vs 1-8)
  • Jehoshaphat found himself in trouble once again for his associating with the unrighteous (vs 9-11)
  • Jehoshaphat’s presence was the only reason that God was merciful to the king of Israel (vs 12-14)
  • God intervened and brought confusion upon the Moabite and made them an easy prey for the Israelites (vs 15-26)
  • The king of Moab killed his eldest son for a sacrifice (vs 27)