Notes: November 29 – 1 Kings 22:51 through 2 Kings 1

Like father, like son

  • Ahaziah was wicked like his father Ahab and his mother Jezebel
  • Ahaziah was religious, but he worshiped Baal and not the true God
  • Ahaziah provoked the Lord to anger
  • Ahaziah’s accident prompted him to seek spiritual counsel-from the god of the Philistines!
  • Ahaziah immediately recognized that it had been Elijah who intercepted the king’s messengers with bad news.
  • Ahaziah foolishly sent soldiers to arrest Elijah-not once, but three times.
  • Ahaziah was visited by Elijah who condemned the king’s ignorance of God and announced that the king would not recover from his fall. (His physical fall was accompanied by his spiritual fall.)