Notes: November 23, 2008 – 2 Chronicles 16 & 1 Kings 15

Trust in the Lord

2 Chronicles 16

  • :1-3 When Baasha, king of Israel, plotted a siege of Jerusalem, Asa turned to the Syrians for help
  • :4 Benhadad of Syria answered the call and delivered Judah from their familial nemesis to the north.
  • :6 Because Asa leaned upon the unbelieving Syrians rather than the God who had delivered him in the past, God sent a prophet to reprimand the king.
  • :10 Asa, unhappy with the Lord’s chastening, arrested the prophet.
  • :12-13: The last 2 years of his life, Asa was afflicted with diseased feet

1 Kings 15

  • :25 Jereboam was succeeded by his evil son Nadab (remember Aaron’s evil son Nadab, Leviticus 10:1-2)
  • :27 After two years as king, Nadab and all the house of Jereboam were slain, just as God had promise/threatened Jereboam.
  • :34 Baasha was wicked, too.

Note: mark how often the sinfulness of Jereboam is mentioned by way of comparison with later kings of Israel