Notes: November 17, 2008 – 1 Kings 12 & 13

Jereboam could have had it all…

Jereboam received authority over the 10 northern tribes of Israel because Solomon’s love for God had dissipated.

Sadly, Jereboam loved God less than Solomon did; and Jereboam, also, lost his kingdom.

  • he encouraged people not to go to Jerusalem to the Lord’s temple (1 Kings 12)
  • he made 2 golden calves to represent God (remember Aaron’s sin)
  • he established worship centers in Bethel and Dan
  • he made high place temples
  • he abandoned the Levite priesthood
  • he established his own holidays and religious feasts to mimic those of Israel
  • he offered sacrifices upon his own altar

God sent an unnamed prophet to denounce Jereboam (I Kings 13)

Jereboam, resisting the prophet, saw his hand wither, and begged the prophet to pray for him (vs 5-6)

Contrary to God’s command, the prophet was distracted from his journey home, believed a lie, and he subsequently lost his life because of his disobedience.

The religious liar who tempted the man of God, requested to be buried alongside the dead prophet