Notes: November 16, 2008 – Solomon’s kingdom divided by his son

Today’s reading: vs 42-43 of 1 Kings 11, 1 Kings 12 and the parallel in 2 Chronicles 10, and vs 1-4 of 2 Chronicles 11

  • Solomon reigned 40 years; and he was succeeded by his son Rehoboam
  • Instead of ingratiating himself to the people, Rehoboam alienated himself. All of this because he forsook the wisdom of his elders.
  • The majority of the land rebelled against Rehoboam’s strong-arm tactics, and they allied themselves behind Jereboam. Thus was God’s promise/threat to divide the land under Jerboam fulfilled.
  • When Rehoboam proposed to stop the insurrection, God forbade it.