Notes: November 7, 2008 – Song of Solomon 5 & 6

  • The shepherd responds to the Shulamite’s invitation to visit (5:1); but
  • she is unprepared for his arrival (5:2-4).
  • When she finally opens the door (5:6), he is gone.
  • While she is out looking for him, the city watchmen abuse her, and take away her veil (5:7).
  • Her attendants ask what makes this shepherd so desirable to her (5:9); and
  • she gives a marvelous description of this man of her dreams (5:10-16).
  • Her friends volunteer to go with her to search for her beloved, but they must know where (6:1).
  • She is described (by the shepherd or Solomon?) as an only daughter who is more beautiful than 60 queens and 80 concubines (6:4-10).
  • The chorus asks who is so beautiful (6:10); and
  • he cries for the Shulamite to return (6:11-13).