Notes: November 2, 2008 – 2 Chronicles 5 to 7

Much of today’s reading repeats the account given in yesterday’s reading of 1 Kings 8 & 9. Yet there are some additions worthy of our meditation.

2 Chronicles 5

  • We should not fail to recognize the number of musicians present at the temple opening (v 12-13).
  • Nor should we forget that when God filled the place, the music stopped (v 14).

2 Chronicles 6

  • With US presidential elections coming later this week, it is appropriate to read that God’s election of David and Jerusalem was fondly remembered by an undeserving people (vs 6-7).
  • The ten commandments, written on stone by the finger of God, were evidence of God’s covenant with Israel (2 Chronicles 6:11). Do you have evidence of God’s covenant with you?
  • Solomon seemed to know that the people would forsake God and that God would deliver them into the hands of their enemies for a time. So Solomon prayed that a repentant people in such circumstances might be redeemed from captivity (v 37-39)

2 Chronicles 7

  • Did God approve of all that took place that day? Read 2 Chronicles 7:1. This doesn’t happen every day!
  • Speaking of Elijah (and the fire that fell from heaven), God assures Solomon that if drought comes because of man’s sin, there is a way out (2 Chronicles 7:14).
  • But the people who forsake God’s statutes, no matter what their history or tradition, will be abandoned by God (v 19-22). Does this remain true for modern societies as well?