Notes: October 31, 2008 – 1 Kings 7

  • Solomon was 7 years building the house of the Lord (1 Kings 6:38), but 13 years building his own house ( 1 Kings 7:1). Is there a topic for discussion here?
  • Solomon’s house measured (approximately) 50 meters X 25 meters. How big is your house? (John 14:1).
  • Solomon built a second house for his wife (1 Kings 7:8). Any thoughts on this?
  • Solomon employed a foreign artisan, Hiram of Tyre (not to be confused with the king). The Masonic Lodge has distorted this history and woven it into their pagan tradition.
  • Solomon’s temple had two pillars which were named Jachin and Boaz (vs 21). Today names are routinely given to water-craft and aircraft. Do we give names to buildings?
  • Solomon didn’t attempt to weigh/value the amount of brass used because the number of brass vessels was exceedingly many (vs 47).
  • Solomon dutifully brought the items which his father David had set aside for God (1 Kings 7:51).