Notes: October 20, 2008 – Proverbs 8 & 9

Mother Nature, Lady Luck, and the Grim Reaper. Who hasn’t heard of these personifications?
Today’s reading declares that Wisdom goes about openly declaring man’s need for knowledge of God and God’s ways.

Proverbs 8

  • Everything is plain to him that understands (Proverbs 8:9)-even things about God.
  • Wisdom (vs 22-31) is as old as God Himself.
  • To forsake the quest for wisdom is to put your soul in danger (Proverbs 8:36).

Proverbs 9

  • Wisdom invites men to come and learn (vs 1-6)
  • Not everyone appreciates being corrected (vs 7-9)
  • Evil women are dangerous to men’s souls (vs 13-18)