Notes: October 12, 2008 – 2 Samuel 23 & 1 Chronicles 28

David’s last words

A final psalm (2 Samuel, vs 1-7)

  • asserting divine inspiration (vs 2)
  • acknowledging the Rock, the God of Israel (vs 3)
  • asserting leadership qualifications (vs 3-4)
  • acknowledging his own failures in this regard (v 5)
  • asserting God’s grace on David’s behalf (v 5)
  • acknowledging opposition to God’s leaders (v 6)
  • asserting the difficulty of being rid of such opposition (v 7)

A state of the union address ( 1 Chronicles 28)

  • David leaves no doubt in the minds of the nation that Solomon’s leadership was ordered by God (vs 1-7)
  • David leaves no doubt that Solomon and the people are to build a temple to God (vs 8-10)
  • David leaves no doubt as to the architectural plan of the temple (vs 11-19)
  • David leaves no doubt that Solomon should follow God (vs 20-21)


Meditation Points:

  1. What qualities does God expect in a leader? Are these the qualities preferred by today’s voters or alleged by today’s political candidates?
  2. Like Moses who could see the promised land but not enter it, David knew the pattern of the temple but he would never enter it.