Notes: October 5, 2008 – 1 Chronicles 22, Psalms 38 & 32

Wanting to do something for God…

1 Chronicles 22

This must be the place (vs 1)

  • What place? Why, the threshing floor of Ornan, of course. Read again 1 Chronicles 21 along with 2 Chronicles 3:1.
  • Place for what? Why, for worship, for a permanent temple, of course.

Let’s start gathering materials (vs 2-4)

  • workers
  • materials

We need to be realistic about this, and to prepare for the future (vs 5-10)

  • David wanted so badly to build a house for God; but God would not allow it.
  • Instead, God revealed to David that his son would build the temple.
  • David is not shy or afraid to inform Solomon of God’s will for his life.

Listen, son, to the words of your father (vs 11-16)

  • God will be with you.
  • You just do what you’re supposed to do
  • I’ve done all I could to prepare you for this

Acquiring the best helpers and advisors for your son (vs 17-19)

  • Is not God with you?
  • Has not God given you peace?
  • Now use the opportunity to build a place of worship


And you thought your life was tough…

Psalm 38

I’m beat down (vs 1-10)

  • I hope God doesn’t get too angry with me (vs 1-2)
  • I’m falling apart, physically and emotionally (vs 3-8)
  • God knows that I can’t stand it any longer (vs 9-10)

Nobody loves me (vs 11-16)

My friends don’t care (vs 11)

My enemies don’t care (vs 12)

I pretend I don’t hear them (vs 13-14)

I pray that God will hear me when I pray (vs 15-16)

Where can I turn, but to the Lord (vs 17-22)

  • I’ve messed up really bad (vs 18)
  • When I try to do good, nobody helps me (vs 19-20)
  • O Lord, my God, come close and save me (vs 21-22)


What could be better?

Psalm 32

God bless you, they say. But do they mean this? (vs 1-2)

  • your transgression is forgiven
  • your sin is covered
  • your iniquity is not put on your account with God
  • your spirit is without guile

Sometimes you just have to say something (vs 3-5)

  • If you don’t, you might just burst (vs 3-4)
  • You can always speak to God; but you should be prepared to discuss your sin (vs 5)

Here’s something you can talk about (vs 6-7)

  • You, Lord, are my hiding place
  • You shall preserve me from trouble
  • You shall surround me with the sounds of deliverance

Does God ever speak with you? (vs 8-9)

  • I will instruct you
  • I will teach you where and how to go
  • I will guide you
  • Don’t be like a dumb animal which has no understanding
  • Don’t make Me keep you away

There are two kinds of people in this world (vs 10-11)

  • The wicked, who have many sorrows
  • The believers, who have many mercies
  • If you are a believer, you should be glad in the Lord and shout for joy.