Notes: October 4, 2008 – 2 Samuel 24 / 1 Chronicles 21

Part II (vs 16-25 of 2 Samuel, vs 15-30 of 1 Chronicles 21)

The impending destruction of Jerusalem brought David to his knees (vs 17)

  • I have sinned; I have done wickedly
  • These sheep, what have they done?
  • Punish me instead of them

David is instructed to worship God, and where to do it (vs 18)

  • David obeyed and went to Araunah’s (Ornan’s) threshing floor
  • David was offered the place, its implements and the animals for free
  • David refused the gift-with reason (vs 24)
  • David offered burnt offerings and peace offerings (vs 25)

God accepted David’s offering, and David, too (1 Chronicles 21:26)

  • Answering from heaven by fire (recall Elijah on Mount Carmel)
  • David was afraid to go elsewhere to worship (1 Chronicles 21:30)

Meditation Points:

  1. Love is willingness to suffer that others may be released
  2. Confession of sin is saying the same thing about your sin that God says about it
  3. The contrite heart will do anything that God asks, regardless of cost
  4. Worship which costs nothing is worthless religion
  5. David could be sure that God had accepted his worship; do you have such assurance?
  6. Are you so conscious of your sin and God’s holiness that you are afraid to do anything other than what God has commanded?