Notes: September 29 – Psalm 119, Part I

Introduction to Psalm 119

More than twice the length of any other psalm in the book, Psalm 119 has but a single theme: the Word of God.

No fewer than 10 different words are used to describe the central theme:

  1. commandments
  2. judgments
  3. law
  4. precepts
  5. righteousness
  6. testimonies
  7. truth
  8. statutes
  9. ways
  10. word

An alphabetic psalm, Its 176 verses are divided into 22 sections, each section for a different Hebrew letter; and all 8 verses in a section begin with the same Hebrew letter.

Every verse but one (vs 122) mentions the Word of God.

The ritual and ceremony of the tabernacle is missing; and the revelation of God is exalted.

Meditation Points:

Aleph (vs 1-8) – How to be happy

Beth (vs 9-16) – How to be holy

Gimel (vs 17-24) – Hindrances to obedience

Daleth (vs 25-32) – Confessing my need for God’s help

He (vs 33-40) – Praying for God’s help