Notes: September 22, 2008 – Psalms 144, 1 & 2

Psalm 144

  • Praise God who taught me to fight (Psalm 144:1; Ecclesiastes 3:8)
  • Do you marvel that God watches (over) you? (v 3; Psalm 8:4)
  • What I’d like to see God do (v 5-8)
  • Reasons why I’d like to see God act (v 12-14)
  • Are you unhappy? Then the LORD isn’t your God (Psalm 144:15).

Psalm 1

  • Walking, standing, sitting –progressively more in line with the unsaved (v 1)
  • Do you think about God all the time? (v 2)
  • There are only two groups: the godly and the ungodly, the righteous and the unrighteous.
  • There are only two outcomes: fruitfulness and barrenness, standing with God and perishing.

Psalm 2

  • Heathen kings recognize the claim of God and his Messiah (anointed, v 2); but the unsaved will not be ruled by God or anyone else (v 1-3).
  • God laughs at this insignificant rebellion (v 4); and He counsels them to submit to his Son the King (v 6-12).