Notes: September 15 – 2 Samuel 16

David and Mephibosheth (v 1-4)

  • Ziba reports that Mephibosheth, of the house of Saul, longs to be king
  • Ziba is granted Mephibosheth’s estate as his own

David and Shimei (v 5-14)

  • Shimei, also of the house of Saul, casts stone and curses at David (v 5-9)
  • David does not retaliate; but instead he defers to the will of God (v 10-13)

Absolom and Ahithophel (v 15-23)

  • Hushai succeeds in covering his real reason for abiding in Jerusalem (v 15-19)
  • Ahithophel displays great (if not wicked) advice for the usurping king (v 20-23)