Notes: September 14 – Psalms 27 & 28

Psalm 27

  • Who is your light? Who is your salvation? (v 1)
  • Are you afraid of anything? anyone?
  • If you could have one thing from God, what would it be? (v 4)
  • When God says, “Jump”, do you jump? (v 8)
  • If your friends and parents abandon you, to whom will you turn? (v 10)
  • Faith in God’s goodness prevents fainting (v 13).
  • Those who know God can recommend that others know Him, too (v 14).


Psalm 28

  • If God doesn’t speak to me, I’m no better than the unsaved (v 1).
  • Hypocrisy is not a 20th century invention (v 3).
  • Merely ignoring God merits His wrath (v 5).
  • Since God saved me, I know that He will save all of His people (v 6-9)