Notes: September 12 – Psalms 3 & 20

Psalm 3

The title to this psalm proves that the psalms are not arranged chronologically.

Without encouraging paranoia, do you have a large number of people who oppose you? David saw an increase in the number of his enemies (v 1).

Though the unbelievers thought otherwise, David knew that God would help him (v 2-3).

Nor did David toss and turn all night worrying about his problems (v 5).

Psalm 20

Verses 1-4 form a blessing, a benediction, a prayer that God will be gracious to His people.

What is faith? Confidence that God hears and saves His people (v 6).

Contrast the feeble help of a well-equipped army with the power of the almighty God (v 7-8).

Understanding the majesty of a king is difficult to understand, especially for someone who has grown up in a land that elects its president. How much more difficult is it for mortal man to understand the Supreme Majesty, the Lord God Himself.