Notes: September 6, 2008 – 2 Samuel 12 & Psalm 39

Death of a child (2 Samuel 12)

  • The LORD struck the child (2 Samuel 12:15).
  • David prayed for the child (v 16)
  • The child died (v 18)
  • David washed and worshipped (v 20)
  • When God answers your prayers, accept the answer (v 22-23)
  • The LORD gave David and Bathsheba another son (v 24)

Considering our own death (Psalm 39)

  • Lord, make me to know my end (Psalm 39:4)
  • Lord, what am I waiting for? (Psalm 39:7)
  • Lord, hear my prayer (Psalm 39:12)

Meditation Points:

  1. People die. Good people, and bad people. People who have done a lot of bad; people who have done a little bad. Old people, young people. People we despise; people we love. And why? Because of sin. Romans 5:12-15. The sin of David brought death to his child.
  2. We cannot bring back the dead. Many have tried. Only God can resurrect and restore the dead.
  3. Guard your tongue when you are in the presence of God, lest you utter foolishness and blasphemy.



  1. I’m going to write here in case I forget to ask at Bible study:
    Considering our own death? How? Why?
    I do think about it. but I try not to.