Notes: September 4, 2008 – 2 Samuel 11 & 12

Political Sex Scandal

David’s adulterous affair leads to murder and loss of his office.

  • While other kings were attending to the defense of their lands, David was at ease in Jerusalem (11:1).
  • A random glance at the woman next door was not, in itself, sinful; but the look turned to lust for another man’s wife (11:2-4).
  • The woman’s pregnancy was proof of her unfaithfulness. There was no DNA on a blue dress to prove who was the father.
  • Attempting to hide the sin, David calls Uriah from the battle, encourages him to go home to his wife, and even gets the Hittite drunk (11:6-13).
  • David, in writing, orders General Joab to place Uriah in a dangerous position where the unknowing husband might be killed; and Joab obeys (11:14-17).
  • Joab send a messenger to inform the king that the evil deed has been done (11:18-25). David is pleased.
  • After a time of mourning, Bathsheba is summoned to be David’s wife (11:26-27). God is displeased.
  • The exact number of those who knew of the king’s sinful indiscretion is unknown. But God knew; and He sent Nathan to reprimand David (12:1).
  • The story about a rich man and a poor man elicits David’s proper judgment, judgment which is turned upon the king himself (12:1-7).
  • David is accused of adultery and murder. He admits his guilt (12:8-13).
  • His sin has given occasion to the enemies of God to blaspheme (12:14).
  • Another will suffer because of David’s sin (12:14).