Notes: September 2, 2008 – Psalm 60

A Song to Teach (Psalm 60:1)

This psalm was written after a great victory in the life of David (v 1)

  • Has God ever enabled you to be victorious over one sin or another?
  • Have you ever been so joyful that you broke into praise?
  • Did you use your victory as a lesson for others?

Note that victory, glorious victory, comes after great trouble (v 1-4)

  • Feelings of being cast off and scattered by God
  • Sensing God’s displeasure and aloofness
  • Creation shaking and broken by our sin
  • Observing hard times with astonishment
  • Standing beneath the banner of the reverent and true

That banner declares: God will save His people (v 5)

  • Doesn’t this encourage you to ask Him to save you?
  • Doesn’t this give cause for rejoicing?
  • Doesn’t this spur you to fight on against sin?
  • Doesn’t this assure you that the previous trials are but temporary?
  • Doesn’t this help you to look to God for help?
  • Doesn’t this give God all the credit for our success?