Notes: August 27, 2008 – Psalm 78

Psalm 78

Telling our children, the next generation, about God (v 1-8 )

  • The account may be difficult to understand (v 2)
  • We speak about our personal walk with God and about the testimonies we have heard from others (v 3)
  • Our children will hear everything; we will keep nothing back (v 4)
  • Previous generations were commanded to tell their children, too (v 5)
  • Knowing the history of God and His people should lead us to faith in Him (v 6)
  • Mistakes of the past should be lessons for the future (v 7)
  • Do not be stubborn and rebellious; set your heart aright and be steadfast with God (v 8 )

Sins of our ancestors and God’s mercy (v 9-72)

Who would believe…

  • They kept not the covenant of God (v 10)
  • They refused to walk in His law
  • They forgot God’s works and wonders (v 11)
  • They sinned, and provoked God (v 17)
  • They tempted God (v 18)
  • They spoke against God (v 19)
  • They questioned whether God was fully able to supply their needs under adverse circumstances (v 19)
  • They acknowledged God’s provision of water, but doubted His ability to present bread and meat (v 20)
  • They did not believe God (v 20)
  • They did not trust in God’s salvation
  • They ate angels’ food, yet sinned more and believed not in God (v 25, 32)
  • They flattered God with their mouth, but they lied to him with their tongues (v 36)
  • Their heart was not right (v 37)
  • They were not steadfast in God’s covenant
  • They often provoked Him in the wilderness, and grieved Him in the desert (v 40)
  • They did not remember God’s hand at work on their behalf (v 42)
  • They tempted and provoked God; they did not keep His testimonies (v 56)
  • They turned back and dealt unfaithfully, like their fathers (v 57)
  • They provoked God to anger (v 58)
  • They moved Him to jealousy
  • And in the end, they died (63-64).
  • But they did not defeat the purposes of God Who chose others with whom to build His kingdom (v 65-72)