Notes: August 24, 2008 – Psalms 50, 73 & 74

Today’s reading includes Psalms of Asaph. No, not all the Psalms were written by David.

Psalm 50

  • God will judge the earth (v 1-6)
  • God requires more than mere religious ritual (v 7-15)
  • God has no pleasure in the hypocrites who pretend to worship Him (v 16-22)
  • God is glorified by the praise of men who live right (v 23)


Psalm 73

  • It’s easy to envy the unsaved who seem to have no troubles (v 1-14)
  • But see the unbelievers as God sees them, and we realize that their end is not what we want for ourselves (v 15 -20)
  • May God forgive us for foolishly and ignorantly doubting Him (v 21-28)


Psalm 74

  • Many are those who oppose true and proper worship (v 1-11)
  • God is known for His power in creation (v 12-17)
  • God should exercise that power against those who oppose Israel (18-23)
    • they have reproached the LORD
    • they have blasphemed His name
    • this is His cause
    • these are His enemies
    • this continual rebellion is against God