Notes: August 12, 2008 – Psalms 136 & 138

You will quickly note that full half of Psalm 136 teaches about God that “his mercy endures forever.”

As the psalm begins with an injunction to give thanks to the Lord (verses 1-3), so it ends (verse 26).

  • And what reasons does the psalmist offer?
  • Out of His mercy, God has . . .
  • done great things (v 4)
  • created the heavens and the earth (v 5-9)
  • delivered Israel from Egyptian bondage (v 10-22)
  • remembered and redeemed a sinful people (v 23-24)
  • provided food for all mankind (v 25)

Have you given God thanks today, for his mercy which endures forever?

Though short in words, Psalm 138 does present the Bible student with a big question: How could David speak about the temple which was not built until his son Solomon’s time?

  • David would praise God with his whole heart. Will you thus praise the Lord?
  • God elevated His word above His name (v 2). Does this say anything about those who set aside the words of God?
  • David understood that God must open our spiritual ears and speak to us before we can praise him in song (v 4).
  • God humbles Himself and associates with us (v 6-7).
  • And He will complete the good work which he started in me (v 8).