Notes: August 11, 2008 – Psalm 135

Today’s Psalm begins (verses 1-3) and ends (verses 19-21) by encouraging the religious leaders to praise the Lord. Yes, even religious leaders need to be encouraged to praise the Lord.

  • To praise the Lord is both good and pleasant (verse 3). Do you enjoy worship?
  • One reason to praise the Lord is because He has chosen some men, sinful men, to be His special treasure (verse 4). Has God chosen you?
  • Can you say with the psalmist, “I know that the LORD is great”? (verse5)
  • God does what pleases Him (verse 6). Do you please Him?
  • Creation (verse 7), the Exodus events (verse 8), and settling Abraham’s descendants in the land of Canaan (verses 11-12) are all good reasons to praise the Lord.
  • Idols are deaf and dumb and blind and lifeless (verses 16-17); so also are their makers and their admirers (verse 18).