Notes: August 10, 2008 – 1 Chronicles 15 – 16

More details on moving the ark

  • Looking back at the first and failed attempt to relocate the ark of the covenant to Jerusalem, David doesn’t want the same mistakes to be made again; and he strictly orders that God’s word be followed in all points (1 Chronicles 15:2, 13-15). And what exactly did that entail?
  • The ark was to be moved by Levites only.
    • The Levites were to be sanctified and cleansed before engaging in the work.
    • The Levites were to carry the ark themselves, and not enlist the aid of animals or wagons.
  • To this end, the Levites were variously assigned jobs as porters, instrumentalists and vocalists (1 Chronicles 15:18-24).
  • David delivered a psalm of thanksgiving (1 Chronicles 16:7).
    • Such joy should spread across the globe, among all nations (8, 24, 31)
    • God is ever to be remembered and sought (11, 12)
    • God’s covenant with our fathers in the faith should encourage us to trust Him, too (16-22)
    • God is above all the gods that men imagine, and He is worthy to be praised (25-30)