Notes: August 4, 2008 – 1 Samuel 2 through 4

Highlights of today’s reading:

1 Samuel 2

  • David is recognized as king by Judah (the southern tribes), verses 1-7.
  • David is rejected as king by Israel (the northern tribes), verses 8-10.
  • What starts as a friendly competition between the armies from the North and the South turns into a bloodbath, leaving 20 dead from the north, and 360 dead from the south, verses 11-32.

1 Samuel 3

  • There was a long war between the two territories; but David grew stronger and stronger, and had time to have many children, verses 1-6.
  • Meanwhile, Abner, the military leader from the north, fell out of favor with his king and was accused of sexual indiscretions. He then turned his support towards David, verses 7-21.
  • When Joab, the military leader from the south, learned that Abner was in town, he arranged a meeting and assassinated Abner for having killed Joab’s brother, verses 22-27.
  • Joab immediately fell out of favor with his king, verses 28-39.

1 Samuel 4

  • Ishbosheth, Saul’s son who had been made king of the north, was assassinated in his home by two of David’s men who acted without orders or approval from David, verses 1-9.
  • David ordered their immediate execution, verses 10-12.