Notes: July 29, 2008 – 1 Samuel 28-29 & Psalm 145

1 Samuel 28

The death of Samuel emphasized the fact that God had abandoned Saul to his own devices. The king who ordered the extermination of witches from the land, is found consulting one (1 Samuel 28:1-7).

The disguise is laughable (verse 8). If the witch can’t see past Saul’s ruse, then she’s hardly worth consulting.

A “Samuel apparition” frightens the witch and speaks with Saul (verses 12-15), foretelling Israel’s loss in the upcoming battle with the Philistines.

1 Samuel 29

David dutifully followed the Philistines toward battle with Israel. We shall never know what would have happened if the Philistines actually had engaged Israel in combat while David was on the “other” side, for the Philistine lords required Achish to send David and his men away from the troops (1 Samuel 29:4, 7).

Sometimes God takes away the need for us to make difficult decisions.

Psalm 145

I will bless the Lord for ever and ever (verse 1).

Every day will I bless Thee (verse 2).

God is great (verse 3).

God is slow to anger (verse 8). Are you?

God is good to all (verse 9). Are you?

What do you desire (Psalm 145:19; Psalm 37:4)?