Notes: July 28, 2008 – Psalms 31 & 86

Psalm 31

  • The psalm concludes by calling on all the saints to be encouraged in the Lord (Psalm 31:23-24). These words would be true even if David had enjoyed a sedate lifestyle; but coming from one who had experienced the worst hatred and lies that men could deliver, these words are even more powerful.
  • How often do we ask God to do something for His own names sake (Psalm 31:3)?
  • David committed his spirit into the hands of God (Psalm 31:5); Stephen did (Acts 7:59);and Jesus did, too (Luke 23:46). Shouldn’t you?
  • The next time you say, “I don’t have time,” remember Psalm 31:15.
  • Be slow to speak, lest you say something false (Psalm 31:22).

Psalm 86

  • “For” arguments why God should listen in Psalm 86:1-4.
  • David (Psalm 86:8) agrees with Moses (Exodus 15:11) that there is no other god like God.
  • The world would be a better place if all nations would worship God and glorify His name (Psalm 86:9).
  • A token for good (Psalm 86:17). Who wouldn’t want an added faith boost?