Notes: July 27, 2008 – 1 Samuel 28:1-2; Psalm 25

1 Samuel 28:1-2

When the Philistines prepare to attack Israel again, David and his men are expected to help attack Judah. Now David has a big problem.

Psalm 25

  • Ashamed (Psalm 25:2-3, 20). This was not a request that David’s pride be untouched; but rather that David not be put down and become a disgrace to God.
  • Ways and paths (Psalm 25:4)-doctrine and practice. What else should we know about God?
  • Sins of our youth (Psalm 25:7). Don’t we all have things we’d rather that God not remember?
  • God is good (Psalm 25:8). God is always good.
  • If God saves us, it’s not because we are so great, but because He is (Psalm 25:11).
  • Unlike some people I know, God doesn’t tell everyone He meets everything that’s on His mind (Psalm 25:14).