Notes: July 19, 2008 – Psalms 55 & 67

If it weren’t for David’s many troubles, we would have fewer psalms. If it weren’t for our many troubles, would we pray any less?

David bemoans the fact that someone he knew and loved was prepared to kill him (Psalm 55:12-13). Christ was betrayed by one of His own apostles, too.

Yet David pledges to maintain regular contact with God. Not just once or twice a year, not just once a week, not just once a day. But evening and morning and at noon will he pray (Psalm 55:17).

“Smoother than butter” and “softer than oil” were the words of his enemies (Psalm 55:21); but their hearts were full of hatred for David.

“We shall not be moved” was a battle cry of the American civil rights demonstrators in the 1960’s. The promise, however, is only for the righteous (Psalm 55:22).

In Psalm 67 we learn that not only individuals, but also complete nations should worship God.