Notes: July 17, 2008 – 1 Samuel 23, Psalms 19 & 66

1 Samuel 23:1-5

  • They told David – with knowledge of the need, David now must make a decision
  • Keilah – a town of Judah near the border with Philistia
  • They rob the threshingfloors – a common tactic of the Philistines was to invade at harvest time and steal the grain, dealing a blow to the Israelite economy
  • Threshingfloors were usually outside of the city, in a place open to the wind required for successful threshing
  • Shall I go? – life requires many decisions. The believer should question every action: What does my God want me to do?
  • David enquired of the Lord – family, friend and military advisors are valuable; but God’s will is the final word
  • Go, smite and save – not only does God answer David’s question, God answers with a resounding positive
  • We are afraid here in Judah – much farther away from the Philistine border
  • David enquired of the Lord yet again – sometimes we pray for the sake of others; sometimes others shake our confidence and that forces us to praying
  • Arise, go, I will deliver – God’s will hasn’t changed; do it

Psalm 9

  • Don’t look for a nice three-point outline in this psalm. Instead it seems to circle around a central theme: God saves His people.
  • Muthlabben – several opinions exist, but the meaning of this word is uncertain
  • With my whole heart – Have you ever done anything with 100% devotion?
  • The Lord shall endure for ever – eternally God, despite what lies men may tell about Him
  • God’s judgment throne – how can anyone suggest that judging is always sinful? Psalm 9:7-8, 16.
  • Judge righteous judgment, John 4:24
  • Psalm 9:10. How can we believe in someone we do not know? Romans 10:13-15.
  • Higgaion (verse 16) – likely a musical instrument (Psalm 92:3).
  • Does hell exist? Who goes there? (Psalm 9:17)

Psalm 66

  • God is worthy of worship and praise (verses 1-4)
  • God has done great things, like opening the Red Sea (5-7)
  • God tests and proves us; but he always saves us (8-12)
  • God hears my prayers, as long as I don’t try to hide anything from Him (13-20)