Notes: August 1, 2008 – Psalm 41 & 1 Samuel 30

Psalm 41

  • Blessed is he that considers the poor (Psalm 41:1). When was the last time that you actually thought about the poor? (Matthew 25:34-36)
  • Heal my soul (Psalm 41:4). Many folks want their bodies to be healed; but how many take any interest in their soul?
  • My friend was against me (Psalm 41:9; Psalm 55:12-14; Job 19:19; John 13:18). If close friends could turn against the likes of David, Job and even Jesus, what makes you think that your friends will be any different?

1 Samuel 30

  • David and 400 men go after the Amalekites who had destroyed Zikliag. Two hundred men were unable to join them (verses 9-10).
  • David and the 400 men routed the Amalekites and regained their families and their goods (verses 18-19).
  • When a few of the 400 protested that the 200 who stayed behind didn’t deserve to get anything back except their families, David gave God the glory for the restoration and decreed that everyone should share in the spoils (verses 22-25). Do you agree with his decision?
  • David also sent some of the spoils to various cities in Israel (verses 26-31). Do you agree with his decision?