Notes: July 1, 2008 – 1 Samuel 12 & 13

Meditation Points:

  • At Saul’s inauguration, Samuel, old and grayheaded, belittles the people because they have rejected the Lord (12:1-15), and he warns them that they should remain faithful to God.
  • Samuel calls upon the Lord to stir up the skies and to send thunder and rain upon the people. When the people cry out in fear for Samuel to intercede on their behalf, Samuel confesses that failure to pray for them would be a sin (12:23).
  • Have you ever heard it said that God will never leave nor forsake His people? Read 1 Samuel 12:22.
  • While waiting for Samuel to arrive, Saul became impatient and intruded upon the office of priest (13:8-10). His excuse (13:12) is not accepted by either Samuel or God; and he is told that his kingdom will come to an end (13:14), for God seeks a man after his own heart.
  • Nevertheless, Saul fights for Israel (13:15-23).