Notes: June 30, 2008 – 1 Samuel 10 & 11

Meditation Points:

  • In a somewhat private ceremony Saul was appointed and anointed to be captain and king over Israel (10:1). Who would enter into leadership of God’s people without God’s approval?
  • Samuel announces several signs which were to confirm God’s will to Saul (10:2-8). Saul doesn’t ask for a sign; but confirming signs are given anyhow. Does God always confirm His will to you?
  • The Spirit of God came upon Saul (10:6, 10), as He had other leaders in Israel before. By this Saul could be sure that God was with him (10:7). Has God ever given you another heart (10:9)?
  • Saul didn’t tell everything that he knew (10:16). And neither should we.
  • On the day that Samuel would announce publicly that Saul was to be king, Saul his himself “among the stuff” (10:22). Was this fear, humility, or something else? Have you ever run away from the task God called you to?
  • Saul surrounded himself with a group of men “whose hearts God had touched” (10:26). The leader will be surrounded by advisors. Better advisors make for better leaders.
  • Not everyone liked Saul (10:27). Not everyone liked the Lord Jesus either.
  • When the Philistines threatened Jabeshgilead, the Spirit of God came upon Saul and he was stirred to come to the defense of his brethren (11:6). When Paul observed the idolatry of Athens (Acts 17), his spirit was stirred and he came to the defense of the Lord Jesus.
  • After the victory, when some would kill the men who refused Saul’s leadership (see: 10:27), Saul refused to allow the slaughter (11:13).
  • Public inauguration took place in Gilgal (11:14-15).