Notes: June 24, 2008 – Ruth 3 & 4

Love finds a way

You can either see this as the conniving of a Jewish mother, or as a marriage made in heaven. Take your pick.

The Kinsman Redeemer (Chapter 3)

  • Naomi’s “courtship” advice (1-5)
  • Boaz’ conditional promise of marriage (6-13)
  • Ruth’s engagement announcement (14-18)

The Redeemer’s Kinsmen (Chapter 4)

  • Boaz expresses his desire to be the kinsman who will redeem Naomi’s land and marry her childless and widowed daughter-in-law (1-12).
  • Ruth and Boaz have a son, much to the delight of Naomi and to the glory of God and the good of God’s people (13-22).

Meditation Points:

  1. Naomi promises to seek “rest” for Ruth (3:1)
  2. Wash, anoint, change clothes and hide. (3:3).
  3. Cover me, for you are a near kinsman (3:9). Sinners need a relative in heaven who will cover them, too.
  4. Everybody knows you are a virtuous woman (3:11). What does “everybody” know about you?
  5. The man will not rest until he has finished the thing this day (3:18). Do you stop without finishing your work? What work would keep you from sleep?
  6. Someone else had the right of first refusal. Boaz honored that right (4:4).
  7. The agreement sealed with a … shoe (4:7-8). Not a handshake, not a kiss, not a signature, not with blood.
  8. Witnesses. Will anyone testify to your agreement to trust Christ?
  9. Tamar and Judah (Genesis 38).
  10. Naomi thanks God for remembering her (4:14).
  11. A daughter who loves you is better than 7 sons (4:15).